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Cancer Treatment

Dr Robert Zieve, M.D. is the medical director of Partners in Integrative Cancer Therapies, which offers a comprehensive program for patients with cancer, including the various treatment modalities below.


  1. Food Program Guidelines
  2. Correction of nutritional imbalances with well chosen supplements
  3. Scientific Botanical (Herbal) Medicine
  4. Detoxification Therapies: 
         a. colon hydrotherapy
         b. castor oil packs
         c. lymphatic drainage
         d. infrared sauna therapy
         e. structural therapies when needed
  5. Intravenous Therapies: Vitamin C infusions, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, and other supportive IV therapies - READ MORE
  6. Mistletoe Therapy - READ MORE
  7. Conventional Oncology: consideration & guidance as to how and when to include surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.
  8. Low-Dose, High-Frequency Chemotherapy when appropriate - READ MORE
  9. Homeopathy
  10. Acupuncture
  11. Tissue Oxygenating Therapies, also called Oxidative Therapies, with Medical Grade Ozone
  12. UVLRx IV Light Therapy - READ MORE
  13. Mind/Body and Psychoemotional Therapies related to your particular condition
  14. Enzyme Therapies
  15. Addressing any important dental issues that may be related to your particular cancer


Now Offering National Integrative Cancer Consultations

Are you unable to go to a good national integrative cancer clinic like the one we have here in Prescott, AZ? NOW, you can make a phone or skype appointment with Dr. Zieve for a comprehensive consultation. 

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