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I came to your clinic about 3 weeks after being diagnosed with stage3 metastatic melanoma. It had spread from hundreds of subcutaneous tumors into my stomach, liver and bones. My regular oncologist was having a hard time authorizing the Braf + pharmaceutical drugs I needed and my condition was worsening daily. I believe that the vitamin C IV's I received at your clinic saved my life by slowing down the disease process long enough to get the Braf inhibitors.. Dr. Zieve also optimized my ability to recover with an array of herbs, mushrooms and other supplements to fight the cancer. He also was in direct contact with my oncologist in Sedona and as a team they insured my survival and quality of life I still enjoy today.


Now Offering National Integrative Cancer Consultations

Are you unable to go to a good national integrative cancer clinic like the one we have here in Prescott, AZ? NOW, you can make a phone or skype appointment with Dr. Zieve for a comprehensive consultation. 

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