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The entire staff at Partners in Health Naturally contributed to my healing journey.  When I arrived a year and half ago I was experiencing multiple symptoms and Dr. Zieve addressed them one by one. He meticulously researched what I needed to insure I was getting the best possible healing modalities for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  The staff supported me every step of the way and celebrated my remission notice by decorating the exam room and wearing party hats.   They were and continue to be like family to me.  The caring and compassionate atmosphere accelerated my healing on all levels.  I will be forever grateful to their dynamic team who exceeded all of my expectations.



Now Offering National Integrative Cancer Consultations

Are you unable to go to a good national integrative cancer clinic like the one we have here in Prescott, AZ? NOW, you can make a phone or skype appointment with Dr. Zieve for a comprehensive consultation. 

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