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My experience with Dr. Zieve and staff,

I was diagnosed with my second primary cancer in 2015.  I had been previously diagnosed with CLL Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and then 3 years later with DCIS Ductal Carcinoma in situ.    This was a very upsetting and confusing time for me and among my first thoughts after diagnosis were “your immune system is not working right”!  I was an otherwise fit 52 yr old at diagnosis. 
After a great deal of research, I decided to come to Prescott, AZ for a couple of weeks of treatment before (or I hoped at the time), in place of surgery.
I had seen numerous surgeons and the most prevalent recommendation was mastectomy.  Something I did not want to have to undergo.

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I came to your clinic about 3 weeks after being diagnosed with stage3 metastatic melanoma. It had spread from hundreds of subcutaneous tumors into my stomach, liver and bones. My regular oncologist was having a hard time authorizing the Braf + pharmaceutical drugs I needed and my condition was worsening daily. I believe that the vitamin C IV's I received at your clinic saved my life by slowing down the disease process long enough to get the Braf inhibitors.. Dr. Zieve also optimized my ability to recover with an array of herbs, mushrooms and other supplements to fight the cancer. He also was in direct contact with my oncologist in Sedona and as a team they insured my survival and quality of life I still enjoy today.



In my 9 yrs of fighting CLL along with several lung infections and working with Drs both allopathic and naturopathic I view Dr. Zieve at the top of my list of doctors with insight, humble wisdom & compassion, a quality not found in many doctors today. I claim my current improved health with CLL which has been at remission levels now for over 2 yrs to Dr. Zeive's imparting wisdom, care and true loving heart to help, along with the guiding strength of Jesus Christ my Savior.



The entire staff at Partners in Health Naturally contributed to my healing journey.  When I arrived a year and half ago I was experiencing multiple symptoms and Dr. Zieve addressed them one by one. He meticulously researched what I needed to insure I was getting the best possible healing modalities for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  The staff supported me every step of the way and celebrated my remission notice by decorating the exam room and wearing party hats.   They were and continue to be like family to me.  The caring and compassionate atmosphere accelerated my healing on all levels.  I will be forever grateful to their dynamic team who exceeded all of my expectations.



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